The Legend of Enrico Corazon

A traditional Mexican folk song written and performed by Alex Castle. Filmed on location in Tulum, Mexico. Track produced by Larry Heinemann.

Mommies Gone Wild

Video created for “The Baby Daddy Show” starring Kate Valentine and Laura Sweeney. Shot, directed, and edited by Alex Castle.

Doctor Donut vs. USA Woman

Mutant supervillain Doctor Donut (Bradford Scobie) tangles with his archnemesis (Laura Sweeney).

Shot, directed, and edited by Alex Castle.

Von Von Von in Von On Von

Entertainer, lover, and citizen of the world Von Von Von tells his remarkable story.

Shady Acres

The Paco Doubledown Variety Hour

Videos created for the stage show “The Paco Doubledown Variety Hour,” starring Ben Ratliff and written by Ben Ratliff, Alexander Johnson, and Alex Castle.