Live at Tuft Theater Denver, 4/15/2016

0:00 — Neat Freak
2:10 — Your Little Finger
4:54 — Life’s Too Long
8:33 — Rid Of Her
13:00 — The Extra Verse

Live at Brit Pack NYC, 10/9/2015

0:00 — “Your Little Finger”
3:45 — “Chosen Girl”
8:30 — “Gentrify”


Flowers Every Day


Performed May 28, 2015 at Manhattan Neighborhood Network as part of the NY Funny Songs Festival.

Relatively Merry

“Relatively Merry” — a drinking song for the holidays by Alex Castle.

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Neat Freak

Neat Freak from Alex Castle on Vimeo.

Alex Castle performs “Neat Freak” at the Brit Pack Theater, NYC, 9/12/14.

Flowers Every Day (Get In The Van)

Audience video, recorded 8/26/13 at Jimmy’s no. 43, NYC, courtesy of Rick Rocker.

Super Hi-Fi: “Washingtonian”

From the album “Dub To The Bone” on Electric Cowbell Records.

Jack & Ginger

The Future of Cinema

George Lucas (Matthew Pollock) directs the stars of the “Star Wars” prequels (Steve Ward, Annarosa Mudd).

Harbor Canyon Heights