Relatively Merry

“Relatively Merry” — a drinking song for the holidays by Alex Castle.

Makes a great gift! 

Directed by Michael Quinn
Produced by Michael Quinn, Todd Perlmutter, and Alex Castle
First Assistant Director: Lory Henning
Director of Photography: Jon Knight
Set Design/Props: Jill Skoda
Makeup: Ariella Knight

Song produced by Larry Heinemann

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Alex Castle
Tom Pace
Tara Pace
Henry Castle
Amalina Quinn
Cindy Keiter
Todd Perlmutter
Jennifer Castle
Morgan Quinn
Ben Ratliff
Whitney Hall
Ariella Knight
Opal Knight
Eric Cline
Dylan Pace
Scott Ross
Alexandra Farkas
Oscar Cline
Lily Ross
Zoe Ross
Adrian Sinclaire
Tanya Skinner
Amy Adams
Jeffrey Hurley

A Snake House Production

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